Wednesday, August 5, 2009

breaking news on the huffington post numero deux

here is the second installment of breaking news on the huffington post".

awhile ago we posted about censorship at the huffington post and how ridiculous it was that they decided a certain video wasn't newsworthy when they publish such trash and pretend like they don't publish trash at all.

here are five of the top, hard-hitting, newsworthy stories on the huffpost this week:

1. "matt damon, don cheadle and families join clooney in lake como"

what the world needs now, is vacations-sweet vacations. because i have an insatiable desire to know where matt damon, don cheadle and george clooney are at times of the day i am grateful to the huffpost for providing me with this information.

it also makes it way easier to stalk celebrities when the media reports on their whereabouts 24 hours a day(and posts pictures for maximum find-ability).

2. "putin's outdoor adventure vacation"

whew. i was under the impression that putin's vacations were just like everyone elses--don't worry, he's gone on an adventure vacation!

3. "world leaders' ladies top vanity fair's best-dressed list"

i wonder how this happened? let's think about this... wealth, power, visibility, top designers at your beck and call, someone hired to dress you... how on earth did the "leaders' ladies" top this list?

thank you, huff post, for bringing this important news to our attention.

4. "paula abdul LEAVING idol"

i know who paula abdul is, but... what is idol? are they talking about that american idol thing? and also, why is that still on television? maybe idol should leave idol.

but, paula abdul is leaving and i'm glad i know that. one day i may tune in just to watch the paula abdul portion of said show and be hugely disapointed that she is no longer appearing.

future crisis averted.

5. "ryan o'neil: i hit on my daughter tatum at farrah's funeral"

i like when the media turns a serious issue like.. you know, incest and makes it into a headline.
i didn't even read this story, because it grossed me out that tatum o'neil was a childstar and this ryan o'neil said something like this. so, when she was a child and also a star, did he hit on her then?

i don't know, i just find this one so tasteless that i'm not even going to joke about it.

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