Tuesday, August 4, 2009

whales should get on this..

this video is going to get a lot of hype because it was directed by heath ledger, and he died before it was finished.

but looking past heath ledger the video should be getting a lot of hype because it's amazing.

whales hunting humans--it's basically perfect. also, the song is modest mouse-ey.

my only problem with concepts like this, or documentaries that show the evils of industries like whaling is that they tend to demonize the actual fisherpeople.

i feel like the system of supply and demand, as well as the economy, are more to blame for the excesses of whaling/sharking/etc. individuals who are involved in the most basic part of that--the actual capture and killing of animals-- aren't doing it because they're greedy or like to roll around in the blood of animals but because it's one of the only options for employment in a kind of shitty world.

apparently the proceeds from the itunes video downloads in the first month of release(this month, august) will go to the sea sheperd conservation society. the sea sheperd is an international non profit, marine wildlife conservation organization "committed to ending the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans".

the thing i like about the sea sheperd society is that it investigates legal violations at sea because a lot of the time there isn't enough coast guard man power to do that--so, we make laws about protecting the seas and their inhabitants but then don't have anyone actually enforcing said law.

so maybe you should download the video on itunes.

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