Wednesday, August 5, 2009

oh no! one less dinosaur creationist theme park in the world!

over at boing boing they posted about this dinosaur creationist theme park in florida that is being seized by the government because the owners owes like ten billion dollars in back taxes or some shit like that.
tax evasion, whatever. how, at a time like this, can the government deny people a dinosaur creationist theme park?

what is a dinosaur creationist theme park, you ask? well creationists believe that god created everything for reals. not just a symbolic thing, like god crafted each creature with his bare hands(because creationists also believe that god is male).

so, according to this logic a lot of creationists believe that dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans.

so the perfect opportunity for a theme park was born. it's the best of all worlds really: dinosaurs, cavemen, jesus. all wrapped up in one.

clearly the man who owns this park was called by god and should not have to pay taxes!
he knows this, because that's actually his defense: he was employed by god and that ministers were not supposed to be subjected to payroll taxes. he also claimed that he had no income and no property.

exactly. it's god's income and god's property.

anyways, don't be too upset about this closure--there's still the dinosaur gardens prehistoric zoo in ossineke michigan.

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