Wednesday, July 29, 2009

why? for the love of god... why?

clearly the only reason that this product is bad is because it's sexist:

i mean, why is there only a sex toy for male dogs? (yes, prudes, it's a sex toy for your dog..obviously)
hypothetically speaking, the sperm resevoir poses no real problem--i mean, why would it?
also, i'm sure most people wouldn't even have a problem with watching their beloved dog use a fake dog's bod to fulfill their every desire.
no, the real problem is that there is no counterpart for female dogs because that is just a travesty. how much longer do we have to watch our female dogs hump legs furiously before we grant them real satisfaction with the use of an anatomically correct male dog sex toy?

female dog owners of the world unite! now is the time to demand action on this horrible crime against female dogs everywhere!!

(props to MM for posting this first!)

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