Friday, January 8, 2010

we know this much: waldo is not on the sexy boat

i used to like "where's waldo" a lot. i was pretty good at spotting waldo(i mean, who wasn't), and i always really liked to look at the rest of the photo.

so, i was pretty excited to find this today: nine strange things found while searching for waldo

hidden in the original waldo maps are some very interesting images.

<---like the sex boat, in the campsite map. the thing about this image though that i find most strange is the unibomber in the background.

i mean, the sexy boat is bizarre (as are all the ladies running to it) but it's really that lone man staring sullenly at the sexy boat that is truly intriguing.

if this picture were a frame from criminal minds, that guy would be the unsub.

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