Friday, January 22, 2010

rape really brings the pigs to the trough

Alex Bilyk is at it again.

You may recall, not so long ago, that Bilyk was MIA when a student was assaulted in a busy library at York.

He's notorious for saying stupid things in the media about York and on behalf of York.

This time, he's truly crossed a line.

In a recent national post article covering a sexual assault trial(several assaults in 2007), Alex Bilyk said that the lesson was to "lock your doors".

Not to mention that the assaults happened in a residence on campus, by people who weren't York students, who were somehow able to gain easy access to a locked residence.

So, if you don't lock your doors and you are gang raped then it is your own fault.

We try not to let the rage take us over, but in this case, we have something to say to Alex Bilyk: you are a fucking pig. You are the scum of the universe. You are the stupidest fucking piece of shit we have ever had the un-pleasure of meeting (and we have met you, several times, Mr Bilyk). You misogynist, ignorant, sleazy, immoral, lying, villainous freak. How do you even sleep at night?

Enough. This is the last we want to hear out of your dumb-shit mouth. You are obviously a complete idiot who has never read a book in his life.

Mr. Bilyk, how often can you stand being tagged with the words "sexism" and "sexual assault"?

Your time here at york has been a joke. You should leave.

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