Thursday, January 7, 2010

children the biggest victims of war in afghanistan, surprise!

a report came out the other day which stated that children are the biggest victims of the war in afghanistant.

according to the report more than 1,050 children under 18 were killed last year alone.

children are also "press-ganged, sexually exploited, deprived of health and education, and illegally detained by all sides" in the war--which is going into its ninth year.

the director of ARM, an afghani human rights watchdog, said that "at least three children were killed in war-related incidents every day in 2009 and many others suffered in diverse but mostly unreported ways."

although the war was started to "democratize" afghanistant and "protect" women and children the western backed government hasn't introduced or implemented any laws to protect children against abuses of war.

as well, none of the nations currently stationed in afghanistan have pressured the government to introduce such laws.

so i guess this is another angle to the whole proroguing parliament business. every day stephen harper prorogues parliament three children in afghanistan die in a war that stephen harper actively supports and perpetrates.

so, mr. harper, while you're lieing around doing basically nothing for the next few months for no real reason except that you're a huge douchebag, maybe you should remember that three children will die while you lounge.

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