Friday, January 22, 2010

the trick to avoiding the $3 ttc fare?? go to this guy's booth.

so we're all pissed off about the ttc pretty much all of the time. eff and i live on the dupont bus route and every time we try to take that bus we text each other about how late it is, or that it actually never arrived. seriously. sometimes it just skips a few scheduled times, you know, to keep things spicy i guess.

but, the ttc itself has solved our problems for us. and it's this guy:

this ttc employee was caught sleeping on the job yesterday at mccowan station. apparently the dude who took the picture(jason wieler) stood there for five minutes and watched old snoozy dream away.

we've all fallen asleep at work. the difference is that this guy works for the most hated public service in ontario, one that bleeds money and provides shitty service for an exorbitant and outlandish price to its users.

so i guess we could look at it as being a waste of money, or we could look at it as the ttc employee's resistance to the fare increase--letting a few customers go by with an extra three dollars in their little pockets.

he's probably not even sleeping, just slyly looking out from under his eyelashes chuckling at his little thursday night insubordination.

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