Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what bounces a ball and is more racist than avatar?

apparently there's a new basketball league in town and they're shopping themselves around.

the all-american basketball alliance announced on sunday that it will begin its season in june and will play in 12 cities in the united states.

the all american basketball alliance isn't just any old basket ball league, it's a whites only basketball league. according to their statement "only players that are natural born united states citizens with both parents of caucasian race are eligible to play in the league."

why? why for the love of basketball would anybody want to exclude non-white people who weren't born in the united states?

well, it's just fair. according to don lewis, the commissioner of the aaba, "white, american born citizens are in the minority now" and this means that "street ball" is on the rise and white kids just don't get to play the "fundamental basketball" they love.

"hatred" doesn't have anything to do with it apparently.

according to lewis, the new rules for the aaba reflect fans dissatisfaction with the way professional basketball is played and run. as an example he talks about players bringing guns into the locker room, "grabbing their crotches,""attacking you in the stands," and "flipping you off."

i'm sorry, but doesn't this guy remember the movie basketball diaries? apparently black/non-american players don't play "fundamental basketball", which means that they are skilled and technical, they just play "street ball" which is all crotch grabbing and half court shots.

white people just naturally play a game of skill and strategy. don't mention that the some of the greatest players of all time are not white.

it seems silly to act like this isn't about racism and xenophobia, playing style and skill aren't based on race or origin. in the world of professional sports, in fact, there are more than enough examples of foul and offensive white players. are they allowed to play in your whites only league?

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