Tuesday, January 5, 2010

these guys are the worst. the worst!

yesterday the general manager of the saskatchewan roughriders, eric tillman, plead guilty to the assault of a teenage girl.

that means, he's guilty. assign a punishment and move on to your next case.

but no. today judge murray hinds granted eric tillman an absolute discharge. that means NO punishment.

an absolute discharge means that a guilty person is not convicted and there is no criminal record.

that's right, he admitted that he sexually assaulted a teenager--he plead GUILTY to sexual assault--and that shit won't even be on his record.

the judge said that he believes eric tillman is "genuinely remorseful" and that his "behaviour" was just fuelled by a bad combination of non prescription drugs that he took for his sore back.

really?? i'm pretty sure that, legally speaking, remorse doesn't erase the crime or the impact of the crime on the victim. tillman feeling guilty about assaulting the girl doesn't change the fact that she was assaulted by him.

the girl he assaulted was 16 and the babysitter of his two children. he sexually assaulted her at his home but claims he doesn't remember doing so because he had taken sleep-aids and pain medication together and they made him all loopy.

so being drunk or high is now a successful defense for sexual assault charges??

i find it interesting that he was her boss. for example: if you're working in an office and your boss shows up high, then he assaults you, then he feels bad, that's still sexual assault. it's also an unsafe work place and a violation on the part of your supervisor/employer to provide you with a safe working environment and to not abuse their power.

technically this girl was injured on the job due to the negligence of her employer, so maybe she should go to the saskatchewan worker's compensation board and try to get compensation that way.

but for real, this is really actually unbelievable. the roughriders should fire tillman's ass.

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