Monday, January 11, 2010

$150,000.00 is basically nothing, right?

get ready to be extremely angry. like, extremely.

through freedom of information requests the information about how much york university spent on lawyer william mcdowell of the bay street lawfirm lenczner slaght royce has surfaced. harriet lewis, university counsel, retained mcdowell and authorized all payments.

york paid mcdowell about $50,000.00 to go after the york faculty concerned about the future of york university(which included trying to get a court order to force google to disclose their personal identities, a partially successful attempt on their part).

it doesn't end there. they paid mcdowell about $100,000.00 to defend york university at the human rights tribunal hearings enacted by professor david noble. a six day human rights tribunal hearing? $100,000.00?? from a fucking public institution??

so in total york university paid $150,000.00 to a fancy lawyer to piss all over faculty's freedom of speech and defend the reputation of perjurious administrators?

all done in a strike year when the university was claiming that they didn't have enough money to pay graduate students and contract faculty a decent living wage?

so on top of paying our idiot president approx. $400,000.00 per year for doing nothing the university has paid another idiot $150,000.00 of tax payers money for undertaking a seriously seedy case load?

go to york? got fucked over by the strike? just kind of feel like this is totally wrong? write to the president of york and let him know you'd like your money back:

416-736-5200 extension x55200

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