Tuesday, October 20, 2009

this is why you're fat

today at york, after waiting in like twenty minutes to buy a single pen, i waited in another line for another twenty minutes to get a coffee.

york is a big university. on any given day maybe there are 40'000 students just wandering around, going to class, getting coffee, and buying pens.

so it always baffles me that there is ONE lady working at the bookstore check out, and a lineup around the store. like, throw another person on cash please, there are 100 of us holding single pens.

or, at the new second cup. obviously there are going to be a lot of students buying a lot of coffee. so, maybe throw more people on the bar. maybe get another espresso machine? who knows, these are complicated problems with complicated solutions i'm sure.

so while i was waiting i saw a girl getting this huge drink. like 20oz easily, some iced chocolate whipped cream monstrosity covered in caramel sauce, chocolate powder, and some kind of chocolate drizzle. there wasn't even a lid big enough to contain that fucker.

and all i thought in my cranky head was : that's why you're fat and that's why i'm waiting in line so long-- so they could spend twenty minutes piling all of that shit(which is totally bad for you) in that cup for you to suck back.

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