Friday, October 9, 2009

the globe and mail gets it...right?

rick groen of the globe and mail reviewed some stupid movie about stupid couples on a stupid retreat.

surprise, surprise: he hated it.

his review was basically like, "yeah, i hated it" but there was one really astute moment--which is rare in film reviews.

"i do, however, wish to dwell a little on the strip-down-to-your-undies scene, if only because it speaks volumes about the starkly different – some might say hypocritically different – aesthetic demands placed on the male and female principals in this flick. the actresses are kristin davis, malin akerman, kristin bell and kali hawk. each is fit, attractive, and looks mighty fetching in her undies, or a bikini, or the teensy frocks preferred by romantic comedies on vacation.

now consider the men: jason Bbateman, vince vaughn, jon favreau and faizon love. each is past his physical prime and, with the possible exception of bateman, palpably unfit; in fact, stripped down to their undies, they look like escalating balls of rotundity. if “fatty” were a latin noun, these guys could be its declension. does their appearance matter? clearly, appearance matters on the other side of the gender fence. so, c'mon boys, play fair: when the humour goes missing in action, and all that's left is exposed skin, at least give the poor audience some equal-opportunity ogling time.

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