Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh no, that's not "racism" at all

i just read this story from the associated press about a louisiana justice of the peace who refuses to issue marriage license to interracial couples.

he says it's not because he's racist, it's just because he(keith bardwell) doesn't "believe in mixing the races that way."

"that" way is the sex, which results in children sometimes. apparently he refuses to issue the marriage licenses because the couples might eventually have children.
after discussing the topic of interracial marriage with "blacks and whites", as well as "witnessing some interracial marriages" this dude has come to the conclusion that black and white societies don't accept interracial children and the marriages don't last very long.

so he just refuses to be a part of it.

and it isn't just one interracial couple, he asks everyone calling about a marriage license to identify if they are interracial or not. if they are, he says thanks but no thanks. he says this is "equal" treatment.

but he isn't racist. nooooo. he has "piles and piles of black friends."

and of his black friends he says: "they come to my home, i marry them, they use my bathroom. i treat them just like everyone else."

don't even try to use his bathroom if you're planning to have a little interracial baby eventually though. bitch will throw your ass out.

i'm pretty sure this is illegal and the aclu agrees. they've sent letters to the louisiana judiciary committee demanding that bardwell be sanctioned as well as investigated.

he should be. like what kind of crazy world does he live in where he thinks it's totally justified to do something like this?

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