Monday, October 26, 2009

the people doing this should probably stop.

today in the star they reported that "there's an alarming increase in the number of high-powered laser attacks on passenger jets and medical helicopters flying into GTA airspace, and police and transportation authorities aren't sure how to deal with it."

...what?! "high-powered laser attacks"? who the fuck is doing this?!

apparently unknown people have fired on planes and helicopters from various locations across the gta and so far there have been 28 attacks this year.

cliff rundle, a medical helicopter pilot, has had his helicopter beamed at three times and each time he was en route to the hospital with a critical patient. "it's distracting (and) it's a flight safety issue" he says.

umm, yeah. i think most normal human beings can understand that flashing a laser into the eyes of a pilot is probably an idiotic and dangerous thing to do. but people continue to do it.

a colleague of rundle's was beamed in the face and he suffered temporary retina damage and can't even fly anything for the next three months.

the green lasers used in these attacks are typically used to point out constellations and have a wave length "near the limit of the human eye's peak sensitivity."

this isn't the same as shining your laser pointer on the wall to confuse your cat, or into your neighbours bedroom window late at night to scare them.

this is a plane or a helicopter flying in the air. some pilots of reported being temporarily blinded by the lasers--like, hello, if your pilot is blind that's a really, really bad thing

whoever is shining lasers at planes and helicopters, maybe you could stop. maybe instead of pointing the lasers at planes you could use them to learn more about the constellations, you know, what they're intended for.

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