Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dear adam giambrone: want to be mayor of toronto? make my bus come on time.

so david miller is going to retire as mayor of the city of toronto. guess who wants to take his place?
adam giambrone, the chair of the TTC.

if you don't know, giambrone is really young. maybe he's too young to be the mayor.

i think there's only one way for him to prove that he can do the job and that's to make the buses run on schedule, once and for all.

as a york student i take the ttc a lot. like, a lot alot. and it's not just a subway ride--the commute is a subway, then bus. sometimes its a bus, subway, then bus again.

that's how it was yesterday. dupont bus east, subway north, york rocket bus to school. it's isn't pleasant but when everything is running on time it isn't horrible.

yesterday, nothing ran on time. specifically, the dupont bus didn't run on time. and you know what? the dupont bus NEVER runs on time. ask eff, she takes it every day to work and sometimes she's actually late for work because the bus is never on time.

either the dupont bus is late or it's so early that you miss it.

it was fifteen minutes late yesterday morning. when the bus is supposed to arrive at 10:32 am and you get to the bus stop more than five minutes early just to be safe, then it doesn't arrive for like twenty minutes there is something seriously wrong.

later on that night after some birthday celebrating with eff, i had to take the bathurst street car to the subway, then the ossington bus. usually i bike.

the bathurst street car was late. then, the ossington bus was late. not just a little bit late but seriously, seriously fucking late.

at like, midnight, when there is little to no traffic, why is the bus late? and like, half an hour late?

i actually ended up leaving the ossington station and walking up ossington to dupont, and the bus only went by when i reached dupont.

so, while i liked that giambrone tried to get the UPASS adopted, i'm not really that impressed with how the ttc runs. especially when it's so expensive.

so that's the challenge: make the ttc run on schedule, even close to the schedule, and that will prove that maybe you can run the city.

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