Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pedophile? child pornographer? no jail time!

after being busted with 400 images of child pornography on his computer, being completely unrepentant, abusing the trust that is placed in teachers to NOT do things like this, and being an all around sleaze-bag, david carswell of barrie will serve zero jail time.

according to the judge, who admits that carswell is a risk, six months house arrest is enough punishment.

carswell's own lawyer said that carswell had never sought out help for his problem due to the fact that he simply doesn't believe he has a problem. apparently in his mind it's absolutely fine to buy child porn.

in court carswell declared that no children were hurt by his looking at the porn. riiight, because porn just magically appears out of thin air.

so this disgusting pervert, who taught for 29 years, will be on probation for 2 years, serve 160 hours of community service, wear an electronic ankle monitor, and not go anywhere there are children under 16.

his name will be put on the provincial and federal sex offender registries for 10 years and his DNA will be on the national data bank.

excellent job, judge dawson, you've ensured that when carswell finally does hurt a child in the flesh(or, when victims start coming forward claiming abuse at his hands), you'll have his DNA and whereabouts all ready to go.

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