Friday, September 4, 2009

it's a bird! it's a plane! no... it's a.... fighter jet?

i've been out of the city for a few days and upon my arrival i've noticed that there are fancy planes flying over the city. apparently it's some kind of air show thing.

it's annoying, loud, and i actually feel like it's in really poor taste.

here in north america people effing love air shows. they love to stand with their necks craned and watch the planes do neat tricks and make loud noises.

well that's great, here in north america we don't have jets and the like flying over us constantly and we don't have to live with the fear that they may drop some kind of killing weapon on us or our homes.

doesn't it seem like right now in the world, at this moment in history, maybe we should rethink the air show a bit? maybe it's time to stop parading our military and technological prowess in the skies as some kind of fun afternoon-filler when in reality this technology is on the other side of the world hurting and killing people?

i understand the utility of the military--it's not going anywhere soon, i know--but this isn't world war II and we aren't a part of an even remotely honorable war right now.

it just seems like another example of how ridiculously cut off from reality we are here. people sit outside oohing and ahhing over crazy flight maneuvers without thinking that these maneuvers are used in ways that are seriously ethically dubious.

but, north america is known for everything but being tact/tasteful, so i guess we'll have to keep hearing these crazy planes fly over our houses as entertainment while people in other countries hear the same noises and fear for their lives.

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