Tuesday, September 8, 2009

we will out LOL you- part two

you may recall a story we posted back in july about a really creative protest(which you can read here). unfortunately the protest inspired some nasty behaviour on the other side and one protester was kicked.

well we've been waiting for an update on charges etc and we received an anonymous comment about that the other day:

One of the protestors (one who was kicked) has since posted an update on his facebook account that no charges will be laid by London Police Service because "the man slipped and we don't want media attention".

this sounded kind of strange because it sounds like the protesters don't want the media attention, so we contacted the protesters and the comment is, at its core, correct.

according to the kicked the cops took their evidence to the crown and it was the crown that felt the evidence was insufficient.

as well as insufficient evidence, the crown also felt that pressing charges wouldn't be in the "public interest".

interesting considering the man who was assaulted is part of the public and a crime was committed against him. not only was he allegedly physically assaulted, but i would argue that those homophobes carrying those vile signs were committing a hate crime by being there in the first place.

those homophobes are also totally misrepresenting the bible, which is a conscious decision made on their part to misuse and rewrite the bible for the express purpose of instilling fear in one population and stirring up hatred in another.

it's not in the "public interest"for one human being to see a sign held by another human being saying that they are going to hell. it just doesn't really foster a lot of good feelings.

potentially(especially considering the cops initial reaction to the complaint, that the men had brought the kicking on themselves) the cops maybe didn't investigate thoroughly or maybe they collected shitty evidence because they didn't WANT charges to be laid.

maybe at the end of the day the police decided charging an old man would be more of a hassle than they wanted to deal with, even though it's their job to deal with it.

although it is disapointing that it looks like the police chose to take this avenue it's nice to remember that they've already gotten a shitload of media around this, and police are pretty good at making their own bad media through inaction and apathy so maybe this one will work itself out in the end(especially with the help of a few sign-carrying protesters).

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