Monday, September 28, 2009

update: as if we even needed another reason to hate this guy

i wrote a letter to my mp, olivia chow, about the sheer idiocy of stephen harper and asked that the ndp take a public position against his statements about colonialism(or, the lack thereof).

this is what i received from ms. chow:

"Thank-you for your letter regarding Stephen Harper’s speech at the G20. Clearly the naivety expressed by our Prime Minister is an embarrassment to Canadians. What is worse, however, is it ignores shameful parts of Canadian history and perpetuates the wrongful notion that what was done to Canada’s First Nations people was acceptable and excusable. The Canadian Government worked very hard to make reparations with the First Nations Community with the Truth & Reconciliation Commission, and to hear Mr. Harper’s remarks on the world stage destroys this work. We hope that Prime Minister Harper will see the error in his statements and grant an apology to the many Canadians who were affected by Colonialism in Canada."

don't get me wrong, i love olivia chow. i think she's great, but this isn't what i wanted. i don't want the ndp to "hope" that stephen harper realizes the error of his ways and apologizes to canadians but we all know that won't happen.

i think the ndp has a responsibility to publicly ask for an apology from harper. anything less basically validates his remark and sends the message that the prime minister of canada has no responsibility to tell the truth. it says "hey, stephen harper, go ahead and be a racist freakshow because we won't call you on it!"

write to your mp and tell them that it isn't enough to just wait for harper to come to his senses. he won't. he's an idiot, so we have to tell him what to do.

you can go here to find out who your mp is and what their email address is, it's really easy:

do it?

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