Wednesday, September 23, 2009

now this is a real education!

just what the world needs, more idiots who deny people actual education to further their own crazy theories.

kirk cameron, "growing pains" heart throb, is a crazy evangelical christian.

apparently he had the best idea ever. november 22, 2009 is "darwin day"-the 150th year anniversary of the publishing of darwin's 'origin of species'. on this day, kirk cameron is going to deliver 50'000 copies of the 'origin of species' to universities and colleges across the united states.

altered copies.

he's going to alter 50'000 copies of a book, an educational tool, as a publicity stunt for his religion.

apparently the edited edition of the book includes an extra special introduction explaing "adolf hitler's undeniable connection" to darwin's theory of evolution as well as highlighting darwin's "racism" and "disdain for women."

riiight, because evangelical christianity doesn't disdain women whatsoever, or espouse racism.

here's the youtube video explaining this great idea:

"hi, i'm kirk cameron, and i'm a crazy freakshow"

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