Sunday, September 27, 2009

as if we even needed another reason to hate this guy

we all know that, had an election been called, stephen harper probably would have been voted in for a third time...but that doesn't have to stop us from pointing out the plethora of reasons to vote him out to the people that DO vote him in every time.

i think this is the number one reason, on my list, of why stephen harper is not prime minister material.

on september 25, 2009 at the close of the G20 summit.. prime minister harper showed the world what kind of idiot he truly is when he said this about canada:

"We also have no history of colonialism."

canada has no history of colonialism.
CANADA, has not history of colonialism.

that sound is just the sound of your mind blowing every time you read that. the prime minister of canada(who also, incidentally, doesn't believe in the charter of human rights and freedoms) thinks that we have no history of colonialism.

stephen harper exists in a parallel universe where there were no people living on this land before explorers and settlers arrived.

stephen harper lives in a world where the principles of terra nullius(land belonging to noone) and terra incognita(empty land/unknown land) weren't used to "discover" land in the name of the Crown, land that was already populated, and wasn't used to steal said land from such people and void their claim to it.

in stephen harper's world it has nothing to do with colonialism when, in 1989, the government of canada argued against a land claim by both the gitskan and wet'suwet'en peoples by stating:

"canada doubts that the gitskan were ever civilized enough to have sovereignty."

i guess stephen harper doesn't consider anything in the indian act or the fact that it even exists a legacy or continuation of colonialism.

the sytemic rape, murder, and kidnapping of aboriginal women and children has nothing to do with colonialism nor does public and legal nonchalance towards such crimes today.

reserves aren't part of our colonial history or our colonial present, apparently.

these are just a few of the trillion examples of canada's colonial "history," there are entire libraries devoted to the subject. it's too bad that stephen harper can't read. he should never have cut all those funds to adult literacy programs.

we should all be writing to every political representative we have and complaining about this gross misrepresentation of canada, its history, and the fact that colonialism is still state policy. the person in charge of running this country should not be allowed to lie publicly without any consequence.

colonialism isn't an OPINION, stephen harper, it's a FACT. your stupidity might embarass canadians and make us look bad on the national stage, but your racism is revolting and beyond reproach.


i found this picture on my computer of a trip i took to nova scotia once. this was taken in the town of grand falls, new brunswick:

if you look carefully you can see that the statue is, indeed, of a white settler giving a blanket to an aboriginal person.

remember how when you learned about colonialism you learned about how the settlers brought diseases on their blankets? and it wiped out huge populations of people? and the settlers were all like "sorry, this is OUR land now!"?

remember that? because apparently stephen harper doesn't.


Anonymous said...

you're wrong, long live the king!

Anonymous said...

That particular picture of a white settler giving a blanket to an aboriginal person was taken in Hartland, New Brunswick (Longest Covered Bridge in the world)not Grand Falls :)

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