Monday, June 14, 2010

shouldn't it be MS. universe?

dear miss universe canada pageant: you're picking the wrong battle on this one.

i find it completely baffling that the pageant could force one of their contestants to drop out because she was once in an advertisement for ashley madison. actually, it was an ad that was posted on these pamphleteers a long time ago (you can see it here)

the ads, which never even aired, were posted on the internet and brought to the attention of the organizers and sophie froment was unceremoniously booted from the program.

why?? well according to the beauties of canada website, she was dismissed because she“made some career choices that are not compatible with the image of women that our organization tries to promote; and which would disqualify her from representing Canada at the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant.”

oh, "career choices" that are not compatible with their images of women... riiight.

so it doesn't matter that ms. froment is a law student?? that she's intelligent? that she works hard to pay for school?

no offense other contestants, but i highly doubt that you're all angels that have done nothing to sunder the image of "women" that miss universe canada upholds. i bet there are a lot of pictures of miss universe canada contestants boobs out there. the only difference is that noone outed the other girls.

i seriously don't get why she had to leave the competition. men and women have affairs. some of them use ashley madison. so to be a miss universe contestant you have to, at all cost, promote monogamy and fidelity within marriage? is that in their contract??

i'm sure there are worse things out there than rolling around on a bed, covered in blue make up, wearing lingerie that isn't even revealing.

like what tiffany munro did. that was much worse. she said, at a high school, that she had to gain weight to enter the competition because the organizers didn't want the women looking “like some little African child with the ribs going on.”

why wasn't ms. munro disqualified?? is part of the image miss universe canada going for ignorance? stupidity? cultural insensitivity? racism?

not only did her comment shock the students in the audience but she also deeply offended and insulted her fellow contestants.

so, she's still allowed to compete? but a contestant who took a job as a model isn't?

according to the organization ms. froment had to go because it would be "unfair to her to have to compete in such circumstances, and it would be distracting for the rest of the delegates."

i actually feel like if i were a contestant it would be more distracting for me to have to compete on stage with the racist girl who says offensive things about "africans" starving. but hey, that's just me.

hypocrisy, miss universes canada, is not a great quality. certainly not a quality that you should be promoting to young miss universe hopefuls across the country.

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