Sunday, June 27, 2010

ah, alberta. home of so many interesting things.

this pamphleteer has been swamped, and not writing so much. not being in toronto, the G20 protests/riots/arrests are significant, but from my vantage point in an unnamed province it's just like any other G20 meeting.

so, here's something torontonians(even just plain old ontarians) might not know about but may want to have on their little radars:

the wild rose alliance.

for real, it's the new big party in alberta. it's kind of the like canadian(therefore, a bit watered down) version of tea party in america. very bizarre. they recently had an AGM where they voted down such policies as the right to bear arms and striking things out of the human rights act. but they kept in policy their plan to write an alberta constitution and they have no policy on things like gay marriage or abortion. this party will be the official opposition in alberta, but they have no policy on two of the most prescient issues on the canadian political scene?

to make things more palatable, they have a pretty lady as the leader. because noone brings conservatives to the trough like a pretty conservative lady.

and, in no way is this a dig on alberta. i grew up in alberta--in the middle of tar sands country, actually--so if i get any comments about west vs ontario, or toronto thinking its the middle of the universe, i'll publish them very grudgingly.


Rachel said...

Only in Alberta would a conservative party need to be the opposition to the Conservative Party...

... as for their stance on gay marriage I think this sums it up - it can be found under their 'Vision for Alberta' - the Wildrose Party aims to:

"Recognize that all Albertans have equal rights, privileges and responsibilities"

Because vague, non-committal statements are how you win elections!

(In all truth, I know very little about them except they love Senior Citizens.. which is also a really effective way to win elections.)

Anonymous said...

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