Friday, June 18, 2010

there are bedbug sniffing dogs?! WTF.

okay, you know what G20, this has gone too far.

everyone knows that toronto has a bedbug epidemic. an epidemic!!! the city is waging a war on the little fuckers, but they're practically impossible to get rid of and landlords don't have to tell you if the apartment you're renting has them.

everyone is always like "oh no, how do we combat this huuuuge problem?!"

for one: free dryers in every building. for real. this would help because bed bugs can't live through extreme heat. if every person could actually was everything they owned and dry it, it would put a dent in the problem.

for two: bedbug legislation. landlords should have to tell a prospective tenant that their future abode is positively infested with bugs.

for three: this shit. bed bug sniffing DOGS.

for the G20, the city is rolling out it's legions of bedbug sniffing dogs.

who knew these existed?!? why haven't they been used en masse before?!

so we get to use the dogs so that rich leaders don't get bedbugs in toronto, but we can't use them to scour hotels and hostels, where people are getting them and taking them away?? we can't use them in buildings?? we can't use them at our volunteer organizations?? hospitals?

sweet jesus, city of toronto, you've been hiding such a weapon from us?

sound cannons, protective walls, felling trees. we all thought that the G20 could get no worse... but it has.

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