Friday, June 4, 2010

"don't be taken in by his welcome grin"

this article about michael bryant and darcy sheppard was in eye weekly and i'm only going to pick out the tiniest part of it, because i think it's outrageous:

"I’m also sad for Michael Bryant, that the high-intensity events of a few minutes of one night should forever alter the course of his life. His career has been derailed and, in the eyes of many, his reputation ruined but, more importantly, he will forever live with the memory of that night — the fear he felt, yes.

But also: he killed a man. That’s his burden to carry forever.
I have no desire to wade into the entrenched arguments over the merits of this case (though I suspect others will think I’m already neck-deep). But this much appears clear to me: Darcy Sheppard did not deserve to die. And Michael Bryant does not deserve to be punished."

i actually laughed when i read that.

why does someone who committed a crime, whether intentionally or not, deserve to be punished? because that's the law? because we have law for a reason? because we all pretty much agree to abide by the law?

like a lot of people, i'm getting kind of sick of hearing about how "living with it" is enough of a punishment for bryant.

why is it just enough for michael bryant?? why isn't it enough for anyone in that situation?

one of my colleagues told me a story about a family friend involved in a hit and run incident, a person was killed. he feels horrible, guilty, he has to live with the fact that he killed someone.

he got 18 months in jail, he's in jail right now.

maybe if he had enough money to get the services of a PR firm and enough political clout to pull strings he wouldn't be in jail right now, but he didn't have those things.

we do not live in a society that considers "feeling bad" enough of a punishment. i'm sorry people, but that's how it works. if we want a different system then maybe we need to change the system, but right now if you kill someone you go to jail.

unless you're michael bryant, have pockets lined with money and an expensive phone filled with politician and lawyers' numbers. then you just have to cry some crocodile tears, hail some mary, and "live with it."


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