Wednesday, April 7, 2010

your mom embarassing you on facebook? sue her!

ah the age of facebook.

a 16 year old boy from arkansas is suing his mother for libel--he claims that the libelling occured on his facebook page.

the boy, who lives with his grandmother, says his mother harassed him and is asking that she be prohibited from contacting him.

in her own defense, the mother says that she believes she has the legal right to monitor her son’s online activities.

i love this story for so many reasons. like, why doesn't this kid just put his mother on a limited profile? or block her? 16 year olds are so tech savvy but they don't understand the basics of privacy on the internet.

you block your mother from seeing certain things on facebook, or else you get crazy caps locks messages commenting on everything you do.

this kid will save himself a lot of lawsuits if he just figures out the privacy settings on his facebook.

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