Monday, April 5, 2010

mustard? that's so bad ass.

i think it's important to demystify killers and serial killers. they get so hyped up it's like they're practically rock stars(and they have groupies.. groupies!!!).

so, imagine my surprise when a certain "maybe" serial killer demystified himself this morning:
"Russell Williams, the former commander of CFB Trenton now charged with killing two women, made an elaborate and desperate bid to kill himself over the Easter weekend....the accused sex killer wrote a suicide note in mustard on the wall of his segregation cell."

he wrote his suicide note, in mustard.

in a movie, he would have chewed into his own skin to write his suicide note in blood.
just another reminder that real life is nothing like the movies.

but now the world wants to know two very important details:

1) why do prisoners get mustard?
2) what kind of mustard was it?

i'm guessing he used up his mustard ration and will now have to eat all of his nasty prison food sans condiments. worst idea ever.

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