Tuesday, April 6, 2010

another way, tried?

remember last year(a year ago today) when a couple of idiots decided to destroy a campus newspaper for no good reason? and they were video taped doing it? but still nothing was done about it?

aaron rosenberg and mark levin were caught red handed destroying over one thousand copies of the latest edition of the YU free press. rosenberg and levin were also both members of the campus based israel advocacy group, hasbara fellowship.

when they were caught they said they had the right to destroy the paper because the free press publishes "views, opinions, and in this particular instance cartoon images that are "anti-semitic" in nature."

both students were arrested in june(after much work) and were at a hearing in september, 2009. at the hearing, the charges were dropped on the condition that the two pay restitution for the destroyed papers--which they did.

so the YU free press has been vindicated and continues to pump out top notch journalism. hurray!

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