Thursday, April 8, 2010

the national post, FAIL.

"In the human world, it's being white that's not that easy."

the words, written and unretractable from the pen of barbara kay in her most recent article "it's not easy being white"

her article is precipitated by saturday's national post, in which jonathan kay talks about going to an anti-racist workshop and learning that "whiteness is a kind of original sin" and that "Canada is a white supremacist country."

the workshop in question is presented by the toronto women's bookstore. jonathan kay is barbara kay's son.

i can just imagine her swooping around her huge apartment/house/garret swearing vengeance on the nasty feminists who dared call her son a RACIST.

she is angry. apparently before "9/11, white self-hatred mostly focused on whites' well-documented historical racism against blacks." she can deal with this shiz. she's all like, yeah, that's well-documented and comfortable racism, i can deal with that.

but barbara kay does not like to acknowledge anything else, especially post-9/11 "alleged but unsubstantiated anti-Muslim bias." because she's never opened a history book or read anything by authors like edward said. because anti-muslim bias was born when the planes crashed into the symbols of american dominance, and has no historical basis or relevance.

she's pissed off that "white privilege" is the "villain in the recently published Ontario section of the Canadian Federation of Students' Task Force on Racism report."

she really doesn't like sensitivity training.

of sensitivity training she writes:

"Coerced sensitivity training sessions are rituals of public humiliation for political ends. But since anti-racism activists are so enamoured of them, a question: Has any Canadian Muslim ever undergone sensitivity training?"

wowza. earth to barbara kay, you are an idiot. OF COURSE canadian muslims have undergone sensitivity training. like, where does that question even garner head nods?

i can't even continue on, because this article is such a clear example of why the national post is such a piece of junk. also, the jonathan kay article is here. how embarrassing to not be able to hold your own without your mother coming to your rescue.

i really only have one question left in my head after reading all of this: how long does it take your mother to swaddle you before you go to sleep at night, mr. kay?

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Charles said...

This is the piece of work that went on the CBC show about Women's Studies changing to Gender Studies.

She's a jerk.

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