Friday, April 9, 2010

"bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all"

yesterday marc kelly gave a talk at the university of ottawa about his experience of being banned and trespassed from campus and being unable to complete his final three courses required for his degree.

according to the ottawa citizen(FINALLY some press):

"[Marc Kelly] was a research assistant to Denis Rancourt, a professor who was suspended -- and later fired -- by the university in December 2008 after he gave grades of A+ to every student in an advanced physics course.Around the same time, Kelly was arrested at a university senate meeting while attempting to videotape the proceedings. He was charged criminally with disturbing the peace and barred from campus, but those charges were dropped in December 2009. In February, he was arrested on campus and charged with trespassing. He will appear in court June 2."

u of o watch reported that 200 students showed up to see kelly talk yesterday and even though allan rock was "out of town" the press+high attendance= pressure to let kelly finish his degree.

also, in other news, why are university presidents always out of town????

i think allan rock needs to pop in the new justin bieber album, chill the fuck out, and drop all of this marc kelly nonsense. seriously, we're with marc kelly.

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