Wednesday, March 3, 2010

too gay for... figure skating?

quite awhile ago two sportscasters went on air during the olympics and said something so ridiculous. alain goldberg and claude mailhot said that olympic skater johnny weir is too gay for figure skaing, that he hurts figure skating's image, and they joked that he should take a gender test or compete in women's events.

johnny weir said it best himself in response to the offensive remarks: "um, it's figure skati

yeah, it's figure skating. what did they think they were commentating on, hockey in tights??

at one point goldberg stated that weir gave skating a bad name and a bad image because parents seeing him would decide against putting their boys in the sport: "they'll think all the boys who skate will end up like sets a bad example."

if i had a son, i'd want him to turn out exactly like this figure skater--he would be the most fun kid ever.

how do idiots like this even get jobs? they clearly incapable of logical thought. did they even consider for a second that saying something homophobic on the radio would get them into trouble? or are they just two, white, straight dudes who feel entitled to making themselves feel more macho by saying offensive things about an incredible athlete(who could probably out
macho them, by the way).

johnny weir said on the joy behar show: "i just wish they would think before they actually said it. there are so many kids like me, coming after me, whose parents might repress them just because they saw what they said about me, that their kids are going to turn out like me. and i think me is pretty fabulous."


parents aren't going to stop putting their kids into skating because of johnny weir, they're going to stop putting them into skating because assholes like goldberg and mailhot exist.

and do they think that gender testing is a joke? because it isn't. being forced to undergo gender tests can ruin athlete's careers and their lives. it has a long and seedy history at the olympic games and sport in general. case in point: caster semenya of south africa.

anyways, i didn't even like the olympics but i think johnny weir is seriously making those sportscasters look bad by obviously demonstrating that everything they said is ridiculous, offensive, and homophobic but also that it won't stop him from being fabulous and won't stop him from competing.

and now for a little figure skating throwback. remember elvis stojko? victor plushenko?

i dare those little radio weiners to call either of these men too gay for figure skating:

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. However, our dear Elvis is very threatened by Weir and wants figure skating to be more "athletic" which when I read what he said, I think he meant more masculine. More quads and less flair.

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