Wednesday, March 31, 2010

love. love. love.

apparently the new erykah badu video is "controversial."

why? because she's naked? well, lots of people have naked music videos. there are naked ladies in pretty much every single music video ever.

according to hip hop wired, police in texas are investigating whether or not to file charges of indecent exposure against badu.

from hip hop wired:

"According to NBC affiliate, Dallas KXAS while police were not on the scene, if one witness comes forward to police, she can be charged with indecent exposure."

the video was shot in dallas at dealey plaza, which is where JFK was assassinated.

my guess is that police are investigating not because they believe a crime took place, but because a crime DID take place.

but the crime wasn't indecent exposure, because we all know that if badu was half-naked, gyrating in the background of some other music video no one would care. the crime is that this video is fucking political.

she says at the end of the video:

"They play it safe. Are quick to assassinate what they do not understand...This is what we have become. Afraid to respect the individual."

her message is a dangerous one in times like these.

in her book demonic grounds, katherine mackittrick writes:

"produced alongside and through practices of domination, black women's expressive acts spatialize the imperative of a perspective of struggle."

struggle. this is a message about struggle, about resistance.

in the wall street journal badu is quoted as saying "Window Seat' is a song about being liberated from I think mostly ourselves," the video I shed a lot of emotion, a lot of baggage by way of shedding clothing. I do this in the middle of a busy street which is totally probably something that is not accepted in society, thus the definition of not conforming to what society would expect you to do."

this isn't just some cliche 'taking back space' video. this is a video about the nature of space, the un-nature of space, that we have to just stop and think for once about who and what are around us.

i fucking love this video.

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