Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we're with wolfe.

i really didn't want to talk about the ann coulter controversy here, because i think ann coulter is probably the most ignorant person who ever lived and giving her any kind of attention is just validating her and fueling her fire, causing her to be even more inflammatory.

i will, however, point out a comment made by the phantom observer about the whole ann coulter/university of ottawa thing.

awhile ago seamus wolfe, the president of the u of o student's federation, tried to get the university to book coulter's "lecture" somewhere off campus because she practises hate speech and a university isn't the place to spew the garbage that comes out of her mouth.

wolfe stated that “the federation does not support Ann Coulter speaking on our campus. We’re trying to work with the administration to see if we can ask her to do her speaking event somewhere else.”

the phantom observer wrote :
"Mr. Wolfe apparently believes that Ms. Coulter practices hate speech. The closest I’ve seen her get to what I’d call hate speech are arguments for Middle East profiling at airports. And keeping Muslims from boarding an aircraft isn’t quite in the same league as sending a Jew to a concentration camp. "

right, because violating the human rights of people based on their religion(which is, by the way, fucking illegal) isn't "hate speech" because they aren't being sent to concentration camps.

phantom observer is clearly in the same league as ann coulter: so stupid it's embarassing.

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