Thursday, March 4, 2010

integrity?? what?? what's that?

more on the fulcrum/frank appleyard/allan rock debacle!! this shit is so messed up.

apparently the newest issue of the fulcrum came out today and the paper didn't even cover its own scandal!! talk about missing a sweet, sweet opportunity to have the inside scoop!!

but, they also tried to cover their asses on this whole "we work for allan rock" thing by including this:

it's kind of hard to read, but basically it says that they found a typo in their consitution and so their disgraced and so their business manager, frank appleyard, is in technical breach of the constitution.

but here's the best part:

"In an effort to clarify its [conflict of interest] policy, the Society is in the process of making amendments to the Constitution..."

what the motherfucking fuck yo!? they're CHANGING the constitution so that this dickface doesn't get into trouble?! after he obviously broke the rules, reported biased news, and took orders from university administrators instead of acting with any journalistic integrity?!

they got it right at u of o watch then they wrote:

"Why not just state that Appleyard had a peanut butter stain on his copy of the Constitution when he accepted the job under Rock while he was Business Manager of the Fulcrum and that Rock forgot that he was no longer a Liberal MP."

it's true. they should have gone a more honest route to subverting the rules. this is ridiculous and hilarious, what a joke the fulcrum has become.

you can read more on uofowatch

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