Tuesday, October 5, 2010

stop rob ford, save the tranzac!

stopping rob ford and saving the tranzac are probably in no way related, but let's just pretend that they are for now.

remember when the toronto women's book store was shutting down, and everyone was like "i want to help!! here's my money!"

and then they were like "wait, where do i bring my money? why isn't anyone answering my phone calls or emails? does anyone want my money?"

lost momentum = death bells.

well, now another great toronto institution is under extreme financial duress and needs our money! maybe this one can actually be saved.

the tranzac posted this info on their website last week about why they need to fundraise and how much they need. all the usual suspects; a lack of revenue and unexpected costs.

so, you can go to their website or drop in at the bar and donate money/become a member, and if you have any questions you can email them at board@tranzac.org.

or, you could buy some great art from these great guys who will be donating half of their proceeds to the tranzac cause. you can see some of the paintings here and here.

and if you have questions about buying them you can email mangopeeler@gmail.com or andrew.zukerman@gmail.com

kill two birds with one stone: save the tranzac and buy some art!

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Anonymous said...

I found this site about what happened when someone mentioned Rob Ford at a Thanksgiving dinner: http://robfordturkey.wordpress.com/


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