Friday, October 22, 2010

making renewable energy sexy?? finally!!

tree huggers who also like to look at hot lady bods are finally getting what they've been hoping for: a sexy pin up calendar with an environmental theme!! hurrraaaay!

called "renewable girls", the calendar features different ladies with solar panels (the guy who created it has a solar panel company).

my favorite thing of all time is the commodification double whammy: 1) commodify the environment, 2) commodify women's bodies.
commodifying these two things simultaneously is sheer genius!

these are my two favorite photos from the calendar:

the first one has a jungle theme and there are bananas and pineapples around. it screams "save the jungle! save the jungle with solar power!" i also like this one because one of the bananas is peeled and the other is an empty peel-- this is suggestive and it makes me want to buy the calendar. where is other banana?? it could be anywhere!

the next one i like because it looks like an old fantasy poster, like that woman has a fancy tiger with a saddle on it. it looks like she has a sword, but it's really a solar panel--imagination: this calendar has it!

so if you really care about the environment, you'll probably buy this calendar!

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