Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"i dont know "how that works""

this is one of my favorite rob ford promises: to replace street cars with buses in downtown toronto.

what he "hears" is that street cars just really back up traffic(no word on how dedicated streetcar lanes back traffic up, but i'm sure we'll get a clear explanation eventually) and so they should all be scrapped and replaced with buses.

buses don't back traffic up apparently. i've heard from a very trustworthy source that ford is planning on having all of the replacement buses outfitted with special ramps, so that cars can actually drive right over the buses in heavy traffic.

ford also wants to complete the sheppard subway (started by-surprise-mel lastman!)from downsview to Scarborough town centre and then convert the Scarborough rail transit into a subway. this is a great idea because pretty much noone uses the sheppard line and almost everyone agrees that it was bad transit planning.

sometimes we don't understand the genius... but, rest assured, the genius is there somewhere.

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