Monday, July 20, 2009

gay pda is the best weapon ever, maybe?

i read this on the advocate today: "kiss ins continue against lds church".

apparently "lgbt activists" are holding a series of kiss-ins to protest the detaining of a gay couple who were kissing on church property in salt lake city.

according to the couple who was detained, they kissed on the cheek and were take away by church security and cited for trespassing.

according to the church: "there was much more involved than a simple kiss of the cheek...they engaged in passionate kissing, groping, profane and lewd language, and had obviously been using alcohol."

honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if a gay couple did go on church property and proceed to do something lewd after the lds church practically funded the prop 8 campaign in california that made gay marriage illegal again(although, it has been pointed out that focus on the family-which is not mormon- donated more than six times the amount that the lds church did to the prop 8 campaign.) the point is whether or not the couple should have been detained.

from any normal perspective, no, they shouldn't have. but this is the mormon church we're talking about here and not only do they not enjoy the gays but they also don't enjoy the alcohol or the "lewd language".

and so the kiss-ins continue. it's an interesting concept for a protest and if you haven't seen michael moore's version of it from "the awful truth", then you should watch this immediately:

needless to say, i think the lds church would have a pretty big issue with the sodomobile rolling up onto it's lawn.

this is my favorite part of that clip: "you guys are headed straight for hell in a faggot's handbasket."

it seems like a good idea to follow these anti-gay protesters and make each of their protests as difficult as possible.

but i still feel ambivalent about the kiss in/sodomobile idea. my first reaction is that it's great and hilarious, directly confronting homophobes with a sight that will haunt them for the rest of their closeted and hateful lives.

on the other hand, people kill glbtq people because of their actual or potential public displays of affection and i guess i wonder whether or not such displays or protests are either the ultimate in political statements or the opposite. i suppose it doesn't have to be one or the other.

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