Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson is dead, but so are some other people!!

so eff and i just went to the ohbijou cd release at the opera house, and it was really good.

but, we were disapointed because noone did any shoutouts/cover songs/libations for the king of pop, for our little monkey loving friend, michael jackson.

michael jackson died today, yo. he died! and anything musical needs to give proper props.

blah blah blah, twitter, internet etc. michael jackson died, of course people covered it.

the news is already giving us "timelines" of the "coverage". like it matters how quickly people noticed or how they disseminated said knowledge.

the news is so inane and annoying.

on my way home from the show i heard this couple on the subway talking about the news headlines scrolling. two CHILDREN died... one was "floating in a pool" the other had something else happen to him.

but this couple, this gross couple, decided to squawk every time a death notice came up:
"noone is going to care about that kid, theyre only going to care about michael jackson!"


"noone gives a shit about that, they'll only remember michael jackson."

well... those kids had parentsand families and friends, disgusting couple on the subway, and maybe before you run your gross and totally offensive mouth off you should remember that just because the mass en large doesn't notice a child's death, it doesn't mean you can talk about how noone cares about it, because most likely, people do.

michael jackson died today and that's sad, but other people died today too and shouldnt that be just as sad??

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