Monday, June 1, 2009

shoe throwing=best idea ever

i really hate g.w.bush. my hatred for bill clinton isn't as intense, but i still kind of hate him as well. so when they were speaking together at the metro centre last week i figured i should probably go to the protest.

i don't even know what they were speaking about, it was billed as "current affairs". it seems completely bizarre to me that anyone would pay money to go see bush talk about current affairs like he has nothing to do with the current state of the world. these are two men who have shaped policy that continually impacts people's lives all around the world and instead of taking any kind of responsibility for their actions they're just going on a talking tour.

there weren't as many people at the protest as i thought there would be, but it was a good turn out and the toronto coalition to stop the war had some really interesting events planned and played really good music.

the best part of the protest was the shoe-throwing. hands down. a tribute to iraqi journalist muntadhar al-zaidi who was put in jail after throwing his shoes at bush in december, people threw their shoes at a huge mug shot of bush. one photographer was beaned pretty hard in the head, but other than that it was a pretty creative protest strategy i think.

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