Monday, June 22, 2009

i'm sorry, a militia?

eff and i were at high park today and discussing current affairs.

we got around to this crazy bullshit, which clearly should not be allowed to happen:

some idiot(Doug Fleming), who the media calls an "activist" is planning to form a militia to "enforce the law and protect property owners from trespassers" in caledonia.

if you don't know, "trespassers" here is actually code for the aboriginal protesters, six nations members who have been occupying the douglas creek estates housing development since february 2006 as part of a land claim that is 200 years old.

the province of ontario owns the land and has stated that protesters can remain there(ie: the occupation is legal) while the land claim is negotiated.

for real, the last thing ontario needs is another goddamned GTA suburb, especially when that land doesn't belong to the people trying to develop it.

according to the cupe 3903 first nations solidarity working group, the militia is being formed
"to directly confront"native lawlessness" in Caledonia. According to Fleming, the militia would patrol areas in Caledonia by car and by foot wearing uniforms and communicating with radio equipment. If alerted to an instance of "native lawlessness" the militia would then use "reasonable force" to effect a citizen’s arrest and would hold the native person until such time as the OPP arrived to take the "prisoner" to jail."

woa, woa, woa. let's just hold up the militia train one second. "reasonable force"? how are civilians in any position to decide what legal "reasonable force" is?!

and "native lawlessness"? i'm going to go ahead and assume that doug fleming is a white dude. you can correct me if im wrong there. but why don't this group of white dudes form a militia to prowl their streets and bust their fellow white dudes abusing their wives and children? why don't you focus on ACTUAL lawlessness, since what the six nations protesters are doing is completely fucking legal?

fleming is quoted in the toronto star as saying:
"I don't want to do this. You think I want to form a militia? Are you kidding?"

no, you're kidding if you think you can just roam the streets and attack aboriginal protesters(or any aboriginal person for that matter) and get away with it.

to state the obvious, this "militia" reeks of colonialism. it reeks of the disgusting and morally corrupt colonialism enacted upon the aboriginal peoples of this nation and others in the past and continuing today.

there is a protest planned on facebook, but the event also has some really good info(and websites, etc):

probably this should make you feel enraged. if it doesn't, well, maybe you should go join the militia.

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