Saturday, June 20, 2009

summer+books=best idea ever

summer is here and for some of us that means extra reading time.

sarah waters has a new book out called little stranger and you should probably go out and get it immediately. i read it in just over a night and pretty much loved it.

it's one of those books(much like every other sarah waters book) that you put down and then can't wait to keep reading again. read it!!

also, reading any and all of her other books is a good idea too. tipping the velvet, fingersmith, affinity, and night watch are all great.

actually, night watch wasn't so great and the only reason i even finished it was because i was on a trip and was delayed in an airport. i mean, it's good, but it's just not very compelling.

tipping the velvet is by far the sexiest of the books(and also the first book she wrote), whereas her later books are more mystery than anything. i always say i don't like mystery novels, but thats a lie.

oh yes, go buy some books.

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Renée said...

Join the Infinite Jest challenge!!!

All the cool kids are doing it (viz, me and my friends).

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