Monday, March 2, 2009

weather report: when the eff will going outside be pleasurable?

well march is finally here. and although we can't expect a drastic change in less-than-favourable temperatures when it's still 'technically' winter, i think we all secretly feel like march equals spring. immediately.

remember a long time ago (aka the summer), when you might have spent the better portion of your afternoon getting accidently day drunk on a crowded downtown patio? with the last couple of days having had the sun resemble something that might mark my face up with freckles, it seemed like the natural course of action was to ask the internet (in the form of the weather network) if we could expect some above-zero temperatures to accompany this lovely sunshine.
is it too much to ask, really, for some good news? yes. yes it is. so for us oh-so-lucky torontonians, we've got a lot of wind chills and below zero weather to look forward to for the next week. perhaps the weekend will give us some love and we'll see some plus 6, maybe even a little plus 8 action on sunday, but i totally wouldn't count on it because if there is a tiny shred of hope to be had, then the forecast is always too good to be true. fact.

in the end, i know that not everyone loves to simmer in their own sweat the way i do (actually even that sounds gross to me) but for this gal right here, everyday forth will be a glorious countdown to patio season and my release from foot prison.

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