Friday, March 6, 2009

stephen harper to left wing kittens everywhere: watch your backs

last year stephen harper did a little pre-election sit down with the national post, you know, to try to convince people that he's not a bad guy.

"I said for a long time, and nobody listened to me for the longest time, that my goal was to make conservatism the natural governing philosophy of the country," "I think we're moving the country in the right direction and I also think our party is becoming, I wouldn't say centrist, maybe more pragmatic."

To drive home that theme, Harper told reporters on the campaign trail last week that he is fully convinced Canada has become more conservative over the last 20 years."

our prime minister thinks that this is the best thing ever. he's all like 'omg, we're sooo conservative now bitches--hollaaa!'

while this interview was published on september 13, 2008(before the most depressing election ever) we can see the recent budget as the fruition of his master plan of conservatizing canada.

not only does the budget exclude women and women's issues(like making pay equity legislation accessible to address the fact that in this country women still make less money than men for the same work) but it also includes "back door legislation that punishes students" by allowing the government to retroactively punish students for oversights on their student loan applications.

...seriously? seriously?!

where the fucking fuck is the media on this shiz? the conservatives are using the recession left and right to legislate disgusting and regressive policy.

educated citizens are important in the economy. students should be rewarded for finishing school, not beaten over the head until they finally submit to drop out and start re-paying their loans.

the federal budget does not address the enormous amount of student loan debt in canada, an estimated $13 billion. In january 28,000 canadians from the ages of 15-24 lost their jobs and the unemployment rate for that group is now 12.7%.

high student debt limits career options and punishing students is not going to create jobs.

with the recent(and alarming) call for at least a 25% increase in tuition fees in canada, the earmarking of sshrc for business related degrees, and the decreases in government/university funding and financial support for students, who is going to be able to afford university?
business students? because that's exactly what canada needs to bolster its economy, more f-ing business people.

still think stephen harper isn't the bad guy? that the government is just doing its best in a difficult time?

take a look at this:

"He went on to praise the U.S. right wing, saying: "Your country, and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world."

this isn't the u.s right wing government he's discussing. the u.s right wing is composed of the most virulent fundamentalists you could hope to find. to praise this group of people as a "light and an inspiration" is beyond repulsive and should set major red flags off in the minds of anyone who reads that.

Also, in the interview he discusses how he would like to ease regulations on businesses, promote more free trade, allow more privatization of essential services, cozy up more to Washington and abandon Canada's traditional role as an "honest broker" on the world stage.

oh fantastic, that's just what the world(and canada) need right now, more privatization of essential services--that means health care and education.

stephen harper has a very clear vision for canada. it's not even really some sneaky hidden agenda, it's completely transparent and it should scare the shit out of all of us.

find the interview here

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pamphleteers said...

i find this picture of harper verging on terrifying.

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