Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour made us cranky.

this comic(byJohn Bogenschutz) was published on february 9 and apparently(thanks to stumbleupon) the author got a lot of attention. turns out it wasn't all positive and people went all nutso on his comments section about the 'meaning' of the comic and why america was its target, etc etc etc...

he wrote a huge long explanation of the comic but the best part of it was this:

"The comic isn’t about Americans. It isn’t about Africans. Strip away the cosmetics of the panel (the picture) and focus on the meaning:

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Just because you can make that tower of pancakes doesn’t mean that you should. Just because you can eat 40 more hot dogs than someone else doesn’t mean you should. If that was the case then we would all be walking around throwing our power around with no concern for the being of others (extreme case)."

exactly. and it isn't just americans, obviously. in 2007 the world's largest "slab of fudge" was concocted in sudbury, ontario. that shit weighed 5,050 lbs.

the largest sandwich weighs 5,440 lbs(michigan).

imagine how many people could eat a sammich that weighed five thousand fucking pounds? seriously.

maybe instead of "consciousness raising" projects like the completely ridiculous Earth Hour(which, incidentally, is sponsored by coca-cola and serves only to make people feel better about themselves than they have any right to), people could take an hour out of their day to think about the unequal ways that food is distributed and what it says about us that we give ourselves pats on the back for turning off our "essential electronics" for an hour but don't think twice about why there are starving people in the world when there is more than enough food to feed every last one of us.

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