Wednesday, February 25, 2009

this is why we don't buy bananas


aside from bananas being a sexual temptation for the other fruit in your fridge:

-Dole, Chiquita, and Del Monte account for 65-70 % of world banana exports
These companies source Latin America for their bananas because of the low production

-Reasons for these huge savings in production costs are large-scale plantations,
higher productivity (through the heavy use of agrochemicals), cheaper labour, and poor working conditions and regulations

-Within Latin America, the wages show a huge disparity; in 2001, Ecuador only
paid its workers an average of US$ 4.00/day.

-Missing from Ecuadorian banana workers wages are the benefits(housing, healthcare and education for their children), and also benefits that are protected under Ecuadorian Law, such as overtime pay, fair wages, job security, and healthcare.

-Banana cash-crop plantations require intensive land, labour, and chemical inputs
to grow.

-require large amounts of rich tropical rainforests to be slashed-and-burned. Rainforests are cut down and then burnt to release the fertile nutrients of tropical plants into the soils so large banana plantations will be successful.

-These slash-and-burn procedures affect global climates, and result in soils
that will quickly be depleted and eventually abandoned.

-These plantations require intensive human labor inputs for attention to plant de-leafing, de-suckering, and maintenance."

(via The Ecological Footprint of a Dole Banana)

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