Friday, August 6, 2010

swimming with sharks, on bikes. sharks on bikes.

how the hell are people voting for rob ford??

in this video, he talks about why he can't support bike lanes because cars are like sharks and people swimming with sharks deserve to die.

for real. he said that. here's the proof:

rob ford is not only spouting misinformation about bike lanes, but he's also doing a grave injustice to the sharks of the world.

"i compare it to swimming with the sharks, eventually you're going to get bit."

not so, ford, not so. haven't you ever seen sharkwater?? sharks are hugely misunderstood and vilified creature--they aren't just vicious man hunters and some people swim in the ocean their entire lives and never get a shark bite. why? because sharks aren't just out for a bite of human leg, they don't like human flesh so much and when a shark "attack" does occur it's often because humans resemble seals from below. big, juicy seals.

the same can't be said for cyclists in toronto. cars aren't sharks, and cyclists don't resemble their main source of food.

also, sharks share the ocean with countless other sea creatures. sharks regularly swim in close proximity to fish and other marine life without eating them--in fact, sharks have relationships with other creatures, because they all depend upon one another to help sustain the diversity that keeps the oceans thriving.

there are rules in the oceans, and sharks follow them. rules like "don't eat the fish that nibbles the parasites from your skin, because then your parasites will get worse" or "follow that current, because that's where your food is".

there are also rules of the road and in, you know, society. rules like "stop at that red light" or "don't roll through that stop sign". these rules are in place because cars are big and heavy, and human error(or mechanical errors) can lead to loss of life, and chaos.

rob ford says he feels really bad when cyclists get killed or hurt, but really it's their own fault for swimming with the sharks. what rob ford seems to be forgetting is that accidents involving cars and cyclists are (some of the time) caused by drivers of cars, or the shark.

so when i got hit, on my bike, by a hummer it was my own fault? my own fault that the hummer dude rolled through a stop out of a parking lot? didn't watch where he was going? well that's just stupid. what about pedestrians getting hit by cars? is it their fault too? for not driving?

people rode bikes before they rode cars, didn't then? so if we were going to follow the shark logic(which is shaky logic at best) the bike is really the shark, because the shark came before the person...

i don't know, but making a generalized statement about deserving death seems a little bit weird to me, and crazy. i've had my fair share of crazy these days, so i want to be as far away from rob ford when he's driving as possible.

rob ford for mayor?? if that happens i'm hopping on my bike and all my safety gear and driving my ass out of the creepy city.

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