Saturday, May 23, 2009

what would bill henrickson do?

do people still read archie comics? i remember reading them pretty religiously when i was younger, but the lack of sexual activity eventually contributed to the dissipation of my interest.

apparently on september 8th an issue with be released in which archie gets married. everyone knows that betty and veronica have been having a tug of war over archie for like 60 years and now he's going to choose one and marry them!

so now the guessing begins.. who is archie going to choose? betty v. veronica has never been an easy choice, they each have their own merits and faults, and they also have the same face and body but just have different hairstyles/colours.

will archie choose veronica for the money? will he choose betty because she's solid and down to earth? veronica is clearly a dominatrix and archie is definitely in to that scene. betty, however, is the girl next door and everyone wants to go to town on the girl next door. archie walks all over betty, so he clearly likes that scene too.

suppose archie isn't going to choose a wife based on his sexual desires.. well.. who the hell will he choose?

i propose that he choose them both. archie has been leading these women on for decades and to choose one over the other at this point would be the wrong move. if archie isn't man enough to live up to his responsibility and marry both women, he shouldn't have been playing them for so long.

they both have something unique to offer not only archie, but eachother. betty and veronica, besides being rivals for archie's affection, are also best friends and if they have stayed best friends for 60-some years with archie between them chances are they'd be more than willing to make it official and marry archie and one another.

there are laws against polygamy in both canada and the u.s which means archie, betty, and veronica will have to do a lot of lobbying and policy changing before they can make their union legit but laws haven't stopped other people from getting married to more than one person.

they should go for it, it seems like the only acceptable conclusion for this love triangle.

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sara said...

love it

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