Wednesday, May 27, 2009

update.. did you know?

we recently posted on the united state's policy on not allowing foreign nationals who are known to be HIV positive across the border HERE.

martin rooney just let us know that the waiver we talked about is no longer stamped permanently onto the passport.

still, the idea of someone who is HIV positive needing to apply for a waiver to travel to the u.s should make your stomache turn.

at they have posted a series of questions that obama answered about HIV/AIDS in the states and this was one of the questions that he answered YES to:

"10. Do you support the repeal of the ban against people living with HIV entering the United States as travelers or immigrants, and which bars those in the U.S. from legalizing their immigration status?"

this isn't one of those long process things, obama can revoke the ban pretty much right away.

you can go here and send a comment to president obama demanding that he take the course of action that he promised he would and that he do it immediately:

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